Thursday, November 9, 2017

Removing provisioned interfaces on the 6880-x switch

I recently had to configure a 6880-x that had three additional C6880-X-LE-16P10G modules.  After I finished I realized that the customer wanted the cards inserted into slots 2-4 and I had put them in 1-3.

I moved the module in slot 1 to slot 4 and waited for it to power up. When the cli message said the module was online I configured it and did a write mem. Then I did a "sh run | b interface" and found that the configuration for t1/1/1 was still in the configuration.

The solution is to enter module provision mode and then use the "no" form of the slot command. The first step is to find out what is in the slot.

Here is the command line:
show module provision switch 1 slot 1
Switch number:     1    Module:  1    Status: PROVISIONED
     Slot Type: (364)
  Port type: ( 60)  10GBASE Number: 16
  Port type: (113)  40GBASE Number: 4

The important information is the slot type (364) and port type (60)

Notice the Status: PROVISIONED. 

For a slot with a module inserted the output looks like this:
show module provision switch 1 slot 5
Switch number:     1    Module:  5    Status: ONLINE
    Slot Type: (363)  6880-X-LE 16P SFP+ Multi-Rate
    Port type: ( 60)  10GBASE Number: 16
    Port type: (113)  40GBASE Number: 4

Using the information from the "show module" command you can de-provision using the following:

(config)#module provision switch 1
(config-prov-switch)#no slot 1 slot-type 364 port-type 60 number 16

An interesting command I found while Googling for this:
show asic-version switch 1 slot 5

Module in switch 1, slot 5 has 9 type(s) of ASICs
           ASIC Name      Count      Version
         METRO_ARGOS          4      (4.0)
       METRO_KRYPTON          4      (4.0)                   
              MALFRA          2      (1.4)
                 SSA          4      (9.0)
        SANTA_MONICA          1      (1.0)
              RADIAN          2      (1.3)
          I_GIGATRON          2      (0.24)
     EGRESS_GIGATRON          2      (0.40)
                  G1          2      (0.25)


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