Sunday, December 8, 2019

2019 IT Blog Awards Finalists

Cisco is hosting the 2019 IT Blog Awards. Here are the finalists. You can vote by going to 2019 IT Blog Awards Finalists Voting!

I have only used mrnCCIEW and Clear to Send, and recommend both, but if they made this list they are probably worth a look.

Best Analysis - Does this blog provide insightful discussions?
Houman Asefi
How Does Internet Work
Network Defense Blog
Wireless Nerd

Best Cert Study Journey - Provides useful insights into the need-to-knows throughout a certification study journey.
Bruno Wollmann
Cisco Redes
IP Cisco
Lab Every Day
Network Fun TimesNo Blinky Blinky
Packit Forwarding

Best Newcomer - A great new blog / podcast / etc. started in the last(ish) year.
Cisco Worker Bee
Dmitry Golovach
Gifted Lane
Micheline Murphy
Network Freestyle
Never the Network
Plugins Blog

Best Podcast or Video Series - Best in content and creativity delivered in the format of videos or podcasts.
CIO In The Know
Clear to Send
Madrasa Tech
Mario Salinas
Network Bruh
Network Chuck
The Ask Anson Channel

Most Educational  - Shares great tips, tricks, or how-to’s to help you learn something new or further your understanding on a topic.
About Networks
Craig Waters
Ferenc Kuris
Jorge De La Cruz

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